An Amazing Selling Machine Alternative

As an experienced full time Amazon seller, I get asked quite often about my thoughts on the Amazing Selling Machine.

If you’re not familiar with ASM, it’s a course on how to be an amazon seller.

It’s was the first mainline course that showed the ins and outs of what it took to become to sell private labeled items on Amazon.

I guess a disclaimer is warranted here.  I have never met the owners of the course and I am not associated with the course in any way.  I AM NOT an affiliate for their course.

I have never paid for the course, however I have seen the content.

If you believe the two owners and I see no reason not to, they have been very successful as amazon sellers.  They have an excellent reputation and I’m sure it’s well earned.

They no doubt have a wealth of knowledge to share, they are personable and teach their content in a well laid out content.

Their websites are marketing materials are certainly impressive.

They have no doubt hit the “emotional” button that triggers the desire to buy their course.

Could you benefit by taking their course…absolutely.


But here are some things to consider before you do.

Their course is only open at certain times of the year and it’s drip fed over 6-8 weeks.

-I don’t know about you, but I always wanted the content of a course to take at my pace, not someone elses.  Two months are a long time to wait for content.


They have sold thousands of courses and although they do have a community, it’s hard to be noticed in a group that large.

-Access to the owners can be very limited.    I would rather be in a group where people know who I am.


But here’s the main reason…THE COURSE IS $6000 DOLLARS.  LET ME REPEAT THAT…$6000 DOLLARS

I appreciate their gall.  They obviously have no trepidations or reservations about asking for large sums of money.

However, I think $6000 is way too much for any type of course.


That’s money you could use to get 6 or 7 products private labeled.  

That’s $60000 that you start your Amazon business in the hole.

That’s $60000 spent while you wait 2 months for the information.


OK, if you have unlimited budgets and unlimited time and you’re interested, great, get their course.


optionsBut before you buy their course, here’s another option

What if you could get the same type of training at the same quality and be part of a community where people know who you are and you could get all of the information instantly so you could learn it at your pace?

What if you could even get free training first to see if you are interested in the more extensive paid training?

BTW, if you want the paid training its a small, small, small fraction of $6000

OK, we’re all jaded to a certain point, what’s the catch?


There is no catch.  I have put together my own Amazon Private Label Seller Training Course and it covers what their course covers and sometimes more.

Why do I charge much less?

I’m not a large company or internet marketer who depends on selling courses over and over.  

I am a full time Amazon seller who has sold millions and millions of dollars of physical products on and off line over the past two decades.  I’ve started, built and sold six different physical products businesses. I don’t have to charge $6000

My income comes from my Amazon product sales.  I don’t have to charge $6000 to cover all of my overhead and other expenses.

Is my course right for you.  I don’t know.  But you can take the free training to see what its like or how I teach  There’s no obligation to get the paid course

If you want to take my free training and then spend $6000 on their course, then you can.

But if were you I would hate to think for a few hundred dollars I could have gotten the same thing and maybe more than something that costs $6000.

But thats your call.

If you would like to take my free training to see what selling on Amazon as a private label seller is all about.  click below

If you want to check out my paid training click below

Regardless of what you choose, I wish you luck as an Amazon seller.  I also look forward to getting to know you after you buy my course!

What are your thoughts on Amazon courses?  Add you comment below.  If you would like additional information, like my facebook page!




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Mark Scott Adams is a serial entrepreneur who has started, built and sold six businesses.  He has sold millions of dollars of physical products on and offline over the last two decades.  He is currently a speaker, author and successful Amazon Seller.  To take his free amazon sellers training click here.   To Get his free product checklist list click here


  • Garry de Gaia

    June 16, 2015

    Hi Mark

    Thanks a lot
    I have been considering this for quite a while and have already engaged with some suppliers on Alibaba.
    At this stage I have watched and studied quite a bit on how to get started and have almost become overwhelmed with everything i need to get setup and learn.
    I had come across ASM and been a little put off by the cost of the course, but now I have found yours I think I feeling a lot better about the whole thing.
    I am from New Zealand and was trying to figure out how to not have products sent all the way over here for me to just have to send over to Amazon, so I am so grateful that I came across your your site just for this information.
    I have already got so much form your free content and am certainly going to purchase your course in the next few days.


    • Mark Adams

      June 16, 2015

      Thank you Garry. We will welcome you into our community when your’re ready. Good luck on your Amazon business!

  • Colin

    April 27, 2015

    Hi Mark,

    I just came across your website and find it to be really interesting and a great alternative to some of the other expensive courses out there. I`m very curious to know how it all works. I`m currently on with a product that I created from scratch but I find it difficult to get traffic to my page and to get buyers. Can this course help me out with my existing product or only new private label products? I have just released my product and would like to create some interest in it. It has been a passionate project of mine from when I first had the idea to now. Will this course help me? Thank you.

    • Mark Adams

      April 29, 2015

      Hi Colin:

      The course is designed for both new and experienced sellers, but the focus in on getting started. There is quite a bit of info on marketing but for what you’re describing and that you have already started a coaching call may be more beneficial to you. Here’s more info…