Amazon PPC Strategies to increase your sales

12 PPC strategies

. Amazon PPC Strategies Click above to watch the video or keep reading to for the transcript. Hi, and welcome. Today let’s talk about PPC strategies. Before we get started, like always, I want to thank you for being here. Whether you’re watching on YouTube, or listening on iTunes, or just simply reading or watching…

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Is there too much competition to start an Amazon Private Label business?

11 - 2

Is there too much competition to be an Amazon Seller? To watch the video click above…Keep reading for the transcript. Hi everybody, welcome to today’s podcast. This is going to be more of a rant than a podcast, but I want to talk a little bit today about competition. Before we get started, thanks again…

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Announcing my live Conference for Amazon Private Label Sellers

live event

I invite you to attend my Live Training Conference and WorkShop for amazon private label sellers. The event will be in Orlando, Florida at Disney World.  Please click here for more details

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Amazon Packaging Requirements, FNSKU vs UPC bar Codes


In this video post learn the difference between Amazon FNSKU barcodes and UPC codes and when to correctly use each Hi, my name name is Mark Adams and welcome to the  Podcast. This is podcast where I invite you into my office, and we talk about private label selling for Amazon sellers. Pull up a…

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Why you should build a Amazon brand, not just a product

amazon brand

In this video I discuss why it’s so important to build and brand for your Amazon products, not just a product. In this video post learn the difference between Amazon FNSKU barcodes and UPC codes and when to correctly use each Hi, I want to welcome everybody to today’s episode of the Private Label Report,…

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How to Build a Successful Amazon Private Label Seller Business for 2015 and Beyond

webinar for amazon sellers 1

Learn how to get started as a Private Label Amazon Seller in the webinar replay

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10 Steps to Starting an Amazon Private Label Business

10 steps to get started as an Amazon Private Label Seller

Here’s an extended podcast version on this topic   If you’re like me you’re already tired of New Year’s resolutions.  I understand and can relate with you. I do seem to laugh this time of the year.  Here it is a few days into the new year and I’ve already not done well with my…

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Amazon Private Label Q & A Webinar

q and a 1

Learn about Amazon Private Label Selling as I answer live questions in the Q and A Webinar

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How to use the Amazon Brand Registry to keep your product from being hijacked

amazon brand registry

Doom, gloom.  The world is coming to an end.  The sky is falling and chicken little is no where to be found.  What are you to do??? I want to assure you none of these things are happening.  It’s funny, though almost every amazon seller thinks someone is going to “hijack” their product. I hear……

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FOB CIF EXW T/T L/C What do they mean to an Amazon Private Label Seller?

shipping and banking terms for amazon sellers

T/T, FOB, WU, EXW, CIF, and a whole lot more of alphabet soup…You went to Alibaba and saw all of these of other acronyms. You were told Alibaba was in English, right?  All of these business terms might as well have been in Chinese. What do they mean?  How do they affect you as an…

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