An Amazing Selling Machine Alternative

amazing selling machine couse

As an experienced full time Amazon seller, I get asked quite often about my thoughts on the Amazing Selling Machine. If you’re not familiar with ASM, it’s a course on how to be an amazon seller. It’s was the first mainline course that showed the ins and outs of what it took to become to…

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How to use the Amazon Brand Registry to keep your product from being hijacked

amazon brand registry

Doom, gloom.  The world is coming to an end.  The sky is falling and chicken little is no where to be found.  What are you to do??? I want to assure you none of these things are happening.  It’s funny, though almost every amazon seller thinks someone is going to “hijack” their product. I hear……

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What are you waiting on to Start an Amazon Business?

Amazon Business

It’s about time for people to start focusing on the holidays.  Too much turkey, too much stress and then the realization that another year has flown by. A look in the mirror and then the realization that you shouldn’t have eaten all those holiday meals.   Then you plan on going to the gym in…

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How to sell on Amazon if you live outside the USA

how to sell on Amazon if you live outside fo the USA

How easy is it to sell on Amazon if you live outside of the USA?   It used to be pretty hard, now it’s pretty easy.  About all you have to do is press the easy button As I have contact with my readers and students, I am reminded every day that there are lots…

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Selling on Amazon…Private Label vs Arbitrage – Which one is best?

Amazon Private Label selling vs Arbitrage

Private Label vs Arbitrage, Ford vs Chevy, Mac vs PC, Democrats vs Republicans, cats vs dogs. There are lots of either ors that can be polarizing.  The fun part of any debate is that usually both sides have some advantages and merit. In the world of Amazon selling, two camps exist.  One is private label…

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How to Sell Your Private Label Products on Amazon

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my website and first blog post! This blog will be for people who would like to learn more about how to sell private labeled products on Amazon. I will write posts on a wide variety of topics that interest Amazon sellers. My hope is that in the near future we can also be…

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