Selling on Amazon…Private Label vs Arbitrage – Which one is best?

Private Label vs Arbitrage, Ford vs Chevy, Mac vs PC, Democrats vs Republicans, cats vs dogs. There are lots of either ors that can be polarizing.  The fun part of any debate is that usually both sides have some advantages and merit. In the world of Amazon selling, two camps exist.  One is private label…

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How to Get Your Amazon Product Listed on the First Page

Being listed on page one can make or break your product. But what causes some products to be listed on the first page and some on the ninth page? Why are some products with very high sales rankings not listed on page one? What are some new products with very few reviews listed on page…

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Dealing with a Negative Amazon Review

You’ve gotten product private labeled from an overseas supplier.  Had it packaged.  Got it listed on Amazon.  Did some marketing, got some sales, got some 5 star reviews.   Life is good.  This stuff really works.  You’ve told all your friends and family what you’re doing. Heck, even your Grandma is proud. Then one morning…

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