Join Me at the Canton Fair in April 2017


I am putting together the next group to go to the Canton Fair in April of 2017.  To learn more go to  or join my next webinar on the subject here. Private Label Canton is a workshop and buying event for private Label Sellers

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Should you go to the Canton Fair as a Amazon Private Label Seller?

canton fair

 Learn what you need to know about the Canton Fair and if you should go as an Amazon Seller.   I went recently and not only had a great time but was able to find several products.  The trip is not for everyone, but as an Amazon Private label seller you should understand what the…

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How to better deal with Chinese Suppliers as an Amazon Private Label Seller


One of the topics and one of the questions I get quite often is how do I better deal with suppliers? What’s the process? What’s the magic formula to deal with suppliers? How can I make more money dealing with suppliers? Well, that’s a reasonable question. I’m going to see if I can try to…

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Get the Video Recording of My Live Event Private Label Live

private lable live thumb for blog post

. Thanks to all who attended my Private Label event for Amazon Sellers recently at Disney World.  It was a joy to meet so many of you.  Thank you all for the kind feedback.   However, I know many of you were not able to attend, so I have made the video recordings available at…

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Amazon Packaging Requirements, FNSKU vs UPC bar Codes


In this video post learn the difference between Amazon FNSKU barcodes and UPC codes and when to correctly use each Hi, my name name is Mark Adams and welcome to the  Podcast. This is podcast where I invite you into my office, and we talk about private label selling for Amazon sellers. Pull up a…

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FOB CIF EXW T/T L/C What do they mean to an Amazon Private Label Seller?

shipping and banking terms for amazon sellers

T/T, FOB, WU, EXW, CIF, and a whole lot more of alphabet soup…You went to Alibaba and saw all of these of other acronyms. You were told Alibaba was in English, right?  All of these business terms might as well have been in Chinese. What do they mean?  How do they affect you as an…

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Dealing with a Chinese Supplier as an Amazon Seller

chinese suppliers

As a kid I was always fascinated with the story of Christopher Columbus. I admired his gaul to reach for the undiscovered, the unknown. I could almost hear him in an Italian accent saying:  The world-a, she is-a round-a, not-a flat-a In his day, he was right.  There were vast oceans and tremendous dangers and…

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