Coaching for Amazon Sellers


mark-trans-final-1I have been fortunate during my business career to have several mentors.  I’m not sure I would have accomplished what I have without them.

As entrepreneurs we are independent and self reliant.  However, there are times we need to get another opinion or learn how to do a specific task.

Maybe even refine a strategy that will take you to the next level.

That’s where one on one coaching comes in.

If you’re interested in having someone help and guide you in your Amazon business, then I may be able to help.

From time to time, I take on a limited number of Amazon sellers to work with on an individual basis.  If you’re interested, read below.

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What to Expect From My Coaching

In this world of email, websites and Facebook posts, I think we have lost the element of actual human interaction. My coaching sessions are designed to actually talk with you as a real person and listen to what’s important to you.

To find ways to benefit you. To take what you’re working on and input my experience and ideas to make your ideas and products more successful.


We will talk in one hour sessions so we can have enough time to get into the depth you deserve. We can talk about anything you like. However, many people have chosen to talk about:

  • Validation of your market and product
  • Reviews of your Amazon sales page, pictures, copy, etc.
  • Analyzing competition
  • Advanced marketing strategies
  • More efficient ways to find and deal with suppliers
  • Establishing not just one product but a complete brand
  • Evolving into different channels like e-commerce websites
  • Ways to increase the value of your Amazon brand and to set your business up to sell
  • and many other things


How is my coaching structured?

My main goal to help my students so I have made this coaching very affordable.  We will communicate by phone if in the US and Skype if you’re outside of the US.  The calls can be reasonably spread out to meet your time frame.


1 hour     $247 – 1, 1 hour call

3 hours   $697 – 3, 1 hour calls



Next Steps

Click the Schedule a Call button below and you will then be taken to a page to schedule your coaching session.  Once scheduled, I will contact you then.


1 hour of coaching $247

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3 hours of coaching $697     –  3, 1 hour sessions
Schedule your first session, additional sessions to be scheduled when needed. 
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