Dealing with a Negative Amazon Review

You’ve gotten product private labeled from an overseas supplier.  Had it packaged.  Got it listed on Amazon.  Did some marketing, got some sales, got some 5 star reviews.  

Life is good.  This stuff really works.  You’ve told all your friends and family what you’re doing.

happy grandmaHeck, even your Grandma is proud.

Then one morning you check your item and wham, bam, some son of a gun and I don’t mean gun, gave you a 1 star review.  A bleeping, 1 star review.

You can hear the life sucking air go out of your body.  The sun goes dim, the earth stops spinning….Whyyyyyyyyy????

Then you read the review 27 times.  The 42 times.  Then you get really mad.

You pace.  You deny.  Your mind tells you you’ll never sale another product on Amazon again.

Then you think, how can I get rid of the review.  How can I vote their review down.

1 star reviewThen you do a quick scan on your competitors and see that they have 1 star reviews.  Then you look at best sellers in various markets and see that they all have 1 star reviews.

Then you start to realize you’re not going to suffocate,  you look out the window and realize the sun is still shining and best you can tell, the earth is still spinning.

Then you check your sales reports and see that you are still making sales.  

My life is not over.  I don’t have to go buy one bullet and rent a gun…

Here’s the good news…

You’re now a big boy or girl in the world of Amazon selling.  You’re initiated into the club…Anybody who sells any quantity will eventually get 1 star reviews.  It’s the world we live in.

We think as normal people, how could someone get that mad over something so insignificant or inexpensive?

If they didn’t like the product or something happened, they could have simply returned the item or asked for a refund.  Again, you’re thinking like a normal person.

man in basementI’m convinced people who write 1 star reviews are angry people to start.  They are miserable at work and unsuccessful at other parts of their life.

The only way they feel any type of power or good about themselves is to criticize others.  

It’s very easy to be critical or so outspoken when you have the anonymity of a computer screen and you don’t even have to sign your own name.

These people would never have the courage to say these things to your face.  Basically they are cowards protected by cyberspace.

I went off on this personal diatribe because I want you to know that 1 star reviews happen to all sellers.

As the day passes, and you have time to calm down, you’ll realize that it could actually not be a bad thing to have a few less than positive reviews.

It gives credibility to your reviews.  There are some people who believe that if you have all positive reviews, something must be fake.

In reality, most people just look for the majority of reviews to be good before they buy.

If you look at some random items with say 100 or more reviews there will usually be anywhere from 5-15% of 1 star reviews and they still are high volume products.

So realize, as much as it hurts, its part of the game.  Keep you chin up, keep working and you’ll be fine.

What were your experiences with 1 star reviews?  Share them in the comment section below.

Mark Scott Adams is a serial entrepreneur who has started, built and sold six businesses.  He has sold millions of dollars of physical products on and offline over the last two decades.  He is currently a speaker, author and successful Amazon Seller.  To take his free amazon sellers training click here.   To Get his free product checklist list click here

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