How I found 30 Amazon Products In 30 Minutes at the Canton Fair

Hi everybody, and welcome. We’re right now at the Canton Fair in China, so I should say Nǐ hǎo, which means, “Hello,” in Chinese, and welcome to today’s episode.

As you know, twice a year I go to the Canton Fair. It is now April of 2017, and host the event Private Label Canton, so we just got finished with that, and just got finished with our guided tours of the group and the fair, so thought I’d take a little bit of a chance here just to talk to you a little bit about the fair.

If you’ve ever decided or thought about going, should you decide to go or not, what is it that is here, and why should you go, or maybe why should you not?

I’m going to mix in a little bit of different video as we go throughout this, but however, for those of you who don’t know, the Canton Fair is basically the world’s largest private label, wholesale type of trade show.

There are literally millions of different products, thousands and thousands of different vendors, and well over 200,000 attendees coming to each phase, and there are actually three different phases. If you’re an Amazon seller, if you’re an e-commerce seller, this is the place to come and find your products.

I think the whole thing of coming here is, you certainly can find products in Alibaba, you certainly can find them in other places, however, by coming here, you’re seeing everything in one place. You’re literally able to leap-frog everybody else who is trying to be competitive. It’s just a way to outdistance and separate yourself from your competition.

Every time I go, I seem to have a better time. We just got finished with our group here. We went through two days of intensive training, everything really getting you up to speed with Amazon, getting you up to speed with e-commerce, and then basically we help prepare everybody of what to look for in the trade show itself. 

I’ve been doing trade shows, gosh, my whole life. I bet you I’ve been to maybe 50 plus at this point. Coming here is no different, it’s just obviously the people are Chinese.

As I went through, we actually did something fun this time, which we call 30 and 30. I went through, and as we were taking different groups through for the guided tours part of the event, is we took a challenge of, “Can I find 30 potential Amazon products in 30 minutes?” I did that three different times, and am proud to say that at each time, we found well over 30 products.

So folks, I’m telling you, if you’re struggling with finding products, if you’re really unsure of where to go in your Amazon business, this place is really … This is the mecca, this is the place to come to be able to find products. There’s everything here from household products, to different phases, there’s motorcycle parts. In phase three, there’s textiles, clothes, sporting goods.

If you can’t find a six figure business here, you should probably give up and go get a job. You should give up and go get a job. However, folks, this is something you certainly don’t have to come to, but it does make your business a little bit easier, a little bit more fun, a little more advanced to be able to come to.

I’m going back to the hotel this evening, we’ll check in, then fly back home tomorrow, but just wanted to say hello from the Canton Fair. We go every six months, we go in April, we go in October.

I encourage you to go to the page We have all the information on that page about the trip. If you’re read to really grow and leap-frog your business, I invite you to come with us. With that said, thanks for tuning in. Except for the dry mouth I think the smog is giving me here, I’d like to say again, thank you for being here, look forward to seeing you the next episode. Thanks.

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