How much should your Amazon sales increase in the Christmas Season

christmasAs I write this post, its a few months before Christmas.

No I’m not thinking of large crowds at stores or family dinners or even one of the funniest movies of all time. The Christmas Story…the one where all Ralphie wants for Christmas is a red ryder BB gun.

I actually did have one of those as a kid, btw…

One of those leg lamps from the movie would be nice, though…I could say I won a major award.leg lamp

I’m actually thinking about how to increase my Christmas Amazon business and what I can do to make more sales.

I spent over two decades as a merchant in brick and mortar stores. I knew I could always count on about a third of my annual business coming in from November 1 through December 24th.

That’s about an 80% increase over my monthly average sales.

That number is pretty typical among most retailers. However some retailers can do as much as 50% of their annual business during this time.

But how does that translate to your Amazon product?

Well, like always the best answer is it depends…It depends on if your item is a item that is for a specific purpose like a broom or a electric fan or a light bulb.

ralphieOr, is it an item that can be given as a gift? Like say a kitchen gadget or a pocket knife or heck even a red ryder BB gun.

If you item is the former, I think sales may even drop a bit as buyers are engaged in holiday activities and less likely to focus on their everyday needs.

If its the later, take an average of your last period of sales, the longer the better and increase it by as much as you feel comfortable.

If you’re selling 10 items a day that’s 300 a month and about 600 for a average two month period

A thirty percent increase would be another 180 units sold, a fifty percent increase would be 900 units sold and so on.

Well,OK what if I don’t sell that much and I just put another few hundred or few thousand dollars into inventory that may take me months to sell?

Good question? If your product is evergreen and sells year round, it’s not that big of a deal. remember its far better to have too much in inventory than to have your item out of stock and then lose your listing and your sales rank that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

BTW, if you go out of stock you listing will disappear.

Your sales velocity is determined over a 90 day period which means every day you don’t have a listing and you’re selling nothing, you have a big fat zero to average into your sales and when you do get back in stock your listing will reappear, but your ranking will have dropped.

So all I can tell you is its far better to overestimate your sales instead of under estimate.

Think through your product and have the courage to be aggressive. If you would like to post in the comments below how much of a gain you’re expecting, others may benefit and yea, there’s that karma thing…

What can you do to increase your sales

facebook iconDon’t want to sound like Captain Obvious here, but run some ads. I run campaigns quite often using facebook ads.

You can sell for your regular price or set up a discount coupon code in the promotions tab in seller central

The concept is pretty simple, find a target audience who would use your product and run ads, but don’t have them go directly to your amazon listing.

That would send some unqualified traffic to your listing and you would get a less than optimal conversions, lowering your sales ranking.

First send them to a landing page where you can collect their email address first so they can get the coupon code and also so you can market to them in the future.

By making them optin you will be eliminating people who will never buy your product and two, you are educating them to the benefits of your product and why they should buy from you.

So when they do actually click on the link to see your Amazon product they are more qualified and likely to buy. This will not only increase you sales, but also affect future sales because your organic listing will rise because you are now getting higher conversions.

Two birds with one stone…if you do it this way, which btw most amazon sellers won’t go to this much trouble, you no doubt have enough money to buy a red ryder BB gun.. Just don’t shoot your eye out!


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