How to do a video review on Amazon

amazon reviewsA large part of your success as an Amazon seller is determined by the quality and quantity of reviews your product receives.

Nothing earth shattering there, everyone knows that.

For me reviews not only the help in sales rankings, but more importantly provide “social proof” that other people are buying and liking the product.

Good reviews increase conversions and also sales rankings.

Think of your own buying habits. You’re interested in an Amazon item and after an initial interest you read the reviews.

Most people don’t read every review they just glance over a few and once they become somewhat similar they form an opinion if most reviewers like or don’t like the product.

If favorable, they will then and only then buy the product.

Fine, but our job as merchants is to shift the discussion to our favor and not only create great products but make sure potential buyers see it in as favorable light as possible.

So what can you do to create that favorable light? Getting 4 and 5 star written reviews has always worked and always will. So keep on doing what you’re doing to get those written reviews.

But what if you could get one review that mattered to your potential buyers more than any 20 written reviews.?

Whether something is true or not, human beings will automatically believe something if its written down. Thus the value of written reviews.

If humans see something live or even on video they will form an opinion that will be 10 times stronger than just the writtenamazon video review word.

This is where the video review comes in. It seems every person in the world always has a camera (we know it as a smart phone) within 5 feet of them at all times.

One video review will easily stand out versus written reviews and you know every person considering your item will watch it.

How do you take advantage of this as a merchant?

Captain Obvious…Ask for video reviews!

Some will be glad to do it, some will not. But the problem is not their willingness, its that they won’t know how to do it.

Here’s where you can separate yourself from other merchants with a little knowledge.

Simply send these instructions and links to your customers and ask for video reviews and watch your sales increase.

1  Copy and paste this URL :

2  Replace “XXXXXXXXX” in the above URL with your item’s ASIN number.

3  Hit enter. Make sure it goes to the review page. Copy and Paste this link somewhere and save it. This is the link you will send to your customers when asking them to do a video review

4  Remember to ask them to select the video tab on button number 3 .

5  Its that simple

Let me know how your results go with video reviews in the comments below.

Good luck!


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  • Benoit

    May 10, 2015

    Hi mark,

    Thanks for the information. But how do you send the link to your customer as you Amazon doesn’t give the customer email address?



    PS: I’m a newbie currently learning Amazon FBA / Private label. I’m not an amazon seller yet.

    • Mark Adams

      May 10, 2015

      Hi Benoit:

      You’re right you can’t just send them a link through the normal amazon email. However, you can put the link on an insert inside your packaging or if you have collected their email address by having them come to your webpage and opting in you can follow up with them this way.

      Or if your have a friend who will do a video who you have had purchase you can get the link to them to make a video.

      Good luck.

      • Benoit

        May 10, 2015

        Thank you for the tips!