Why I’m Thankful to be an Amazon FBA Private Label Seller

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s episode. I thought we’d do something a little bit different and talk about what we’re thankful, what it is that makes this business worthwhile, and all the benefits and things that come from it, because so many times, we’re just talking about going full speed, but we never take the time to slow down a little bit and say “why am I enjoying this.”

I actually just got back from the Canton Fair, and I’m here at my second home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I spend a lot of time. We’re right on the beach overlooking the water, and I have the good fortune to be able to come here quite a bit.

Every time I come here, I just seem to get in a better mood, for obvious reasons, but it’s nice to wake up to the waves crashing in, and the sound that that makes, and watching all the people go by, and being able to sit out on the beach and all that. I’m sitting here thinking, I’m able to enjoy a life like that, and a pretty good life, really because of Amazon.

I’ve been fortunate in my business career that I’ve usually had money come out of my businesses and good paydays when I’ve sold them, but it was always so long, such a lot of work, such a lot of risk, employees, staff, buildout, all these other kind of things, that over the last … Short of the last few years, the previous 25 years, I probably worked the equivalent of 40.

I’m sitting here now, and I’m thinking, I’ve been an Amazon seller for a little less than three years now, and then I’ve been a private label seller for 27 years, and of course I did all this before the Internet and everything else, but I’m just sitting here now thinking, the last three years have probably been the best three of my professional life.

I’ve been very fortunate, I’ve built a good business, and I have a tremendous community of people within my HeadStart course and my Private Label Academy, and I’m fortunate to be able to take people to China to go on buying trips at the Canton Fair. For me, the Amazon business has been just a tremendous boon to not only the finances, but the lifestyle as well.

As I’m just sitting here, kind of contemplating, reviewing the previous year, I wanted to see if I can encourage all of you to take a moment and really say, no, not “look at what I’ve done,” that’s really not the whole purpose of this. The whole purpose is for you to sit here and say, “Where am I right now?” and appreciate what you have done, if you’ve already started an Amazon business, or appreciate the fact that you can start an Amazon business and work from home for a few hours a week, that you can have that laptop lifestyle to where you can come and go in second homes, and do the things like what I’m doing here.

I look back and I reflect on that, and every now and then, when things get hard, or things get difficult, or something doesn’t go my way, I sit back and try and take in the big picture and say, “You know, Amazon has afforded me a pretty good life.”

I sit here and I think, there’s nothing that I’ve done that’s any different or unique to anybody else, because I’ve talked to, gosh, I don’t know, maybe 300-plus coaching students over the last couple years, and I always thoroughly enjoy talking with somebody one-on-one, or talking with somebody at a live event, and hearing their story, and finding out how they got into Amazon or what attracted them to that.

Usually it’s a common thread that people want a lifestyle, people want to be able to get away from the normal day-to-day routines that society says we ought to do.

I mean, I do realize and appreciate that we’re all kind of on the leading edge here, almost the bleeding edge, and I sit around and come and go in my home, and my neighbors, even though I try to tell them what I do, they don’t really understand. They think I won the lottery or something, so maybe I ought to start telling them that, I don’t know.

But as I sit here and realize and try and be thankful for what we are in being the Amazon business, I still think I can think of no business where you can start out with such a nominal amount of money, a few thousand dollars, and a relatively short period of time, six months, shorter, longer, whatever it is, turn it into a six-figure-plus income, and then have an asset at the end of that year that’s worth a quarter million dollars plus, and then you can sell that, you can rinse, wash, repeat. All of this, really, while you’re working a few hours a week.

I’m at a point now where in my business, to where I manage my Amazon products probably, I don’t know, it varies, sometimes it’s zero, sometimes it’s several hours a day, but it averages to be about probably 30 minutes a day, and I spend probably the lion’s share of what I do with my coaching students, and all the other live events and things, and going to China, because that’s really what I enjoy.

I’m at a stage now where I get the privilege of helping other people, and when you get one of those emails that comes in and says, “Gosh, thanks for helping me, your course was valuable,” something along those lines that says, “I was able to leave my job,” or “my wife doesn’t have to work anymore,” or “we were able to travel to Europe because of just the money we made in the last couple of months.”

Those types of things are incredibly rewarding to me, and under the headline today of “what are we thankful for?” I’m certainly thankful for everyone who’s watched one of my videos, or sent a kind email, or gotten started on Amazon and had some kind of benefit for maybe something that I was able to suggest that they do.

I look at this, and ultimately, this isn’t about, hey, what I’m thankful for; again, I want you to sit back and say what are you thankful for, because there’s probably a lot of good things going on in your life that you may not really have realized.

As you’re thinking about this, and thinking about going forward maybe here in 2017, I would encourage you to rededicate your efforts, to be able to realize that there is no better time in life to be able to start a business than right now. When I started, it was July 4th of 1989, and I always jokingly call that my Independence Day, because I’ve been self-employed ever since that.

I look at and think, if I would not have made that decision to start on my own, I would have never been able to enjoy the life I’ve had over the last almost 30 years. I know all of you, there’s some fear, there’s some anxiety sometimes with starting and growing, and I just encourage you to get going.

One of the things that I find is a common thread of people when they’re thinking about starting or either growing and scaling their business is just they don’t think big enough. The difference between somebody making a thousand dollars a month and somebody making ten thousand or even a hundred thousand dollars a month is this much, and it’s a couple decisions, it’s a couple efforts, it’s a couple things, but ultimately, you can get there.

There’s enough information out there to help you with the technical stuff, but if you can just sit here and get your mindset right, and maybe sit down and dedicate yourself to 2017, I think maybe at the end of 2017, you’ll be able to make your own video and say, “Hey, here’s what I’m thankful for.”

Ultimately, I’m extremely thankful to be involved with Amazon as a seller and as a mentor to so many people. What a thrill and privilege that is for me, and I enjoy every moment of it, and thank and appreciate every one of you who have been part of my community in one way or the other.

I’m thankful in so many ways that I can’t even begin to express them all, but as I’m just sitting here in one of those contemplative moods, and maybe it was the margaritas I had earlier in the day, I don’t know, but I just want to tell all of you I appreciate you for being part of whatever it is I’m doing within the Amazon world, and I thank you, and I look forward to even a bigger, better year going forward.

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